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Manufacturing OutsourcingTo provide maximum results, a full complement of engineers, project managers and manufacturing specialists are available directly to our clients throughout the US. In addition, e-BI maintains three full-staffed offices in China’s most prominent manufacturing centers.

The performance of any global supply chain is determined by the “weakest link” within that network. Through experience, e-BI can turn its attention to successfully managing each dimension in Global Supply Management, and become a partner in achieving the global sourcing goal.

Our “14 dimensions” of Global Supply Chain Management.

  1. Sourcing: Best fit supply network establishment and management, such as sourcing, qualifying and auditing.

  2. Operation and Project Management: Production planning and timeline management.

  3. Engineering: Manufacturing process mapping.

  4. Quality Assurance: Step-by-step manufacturing quality inspection and statistical process control.

  5. Logistics: Local and international shipping, customs and warehouse.

  6. International Finance: Terms and payment for each shipment.

  7. Supplier Management: Improving, rating, adding and removing suppliers.

  8. Internet-Based Data Center: All data need to be accessed 24/7 around the world.

  9. Process Control: Lot by lot, part by part, all projects need to be managed throughout the whole supply chain.

  10. Documentation Control: Engineering, price quote, QA data, logistics data are all required to be controlled and easily accessible.

  11. Customer Service: All customer departments need to be interfaced with the global operation.

  12. On-Site Support: On a day-to-day basis, supply network needs to be monitored from all angles.

  13. Cost Reductions: Cost reduction is a dynamic process throughout each product cycle.

  14. International HR and Infrastructure Establishment: In order to get all tasks done right, one has to establish costly infrastructure to support the activities.

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