Logistical nightmares? We'll help you sleep.

e-BI offers flexible transportation solutions to customers, including assistance with navigating complicated global trade regulations to avoid delays or additional cost. By using an integrated network of air, sea and land transport, e-BI can offer our customers the best price, as well as multiple options for their transport needs.  Our main logistics warehousing is located in Los Angeles, California.

Our Logistics Capabilities


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Customers can choose from several service options for ocean freight transportation, including the capability to handle less-than-container load (LCL) and full-container load (FCL) shipments; breakbulk cargoes and charter services. We also provide full document services and container management.


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Working primarily with contract drivers and trucking company partnerships, e-BI can deliver seamless, time-definite service to customers in virtually every city in the e-BI system—at a competitive cost. The versatility of our ground services allows us to deal with nearly any pickup and delivery situation.


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e-BI activates a dedicated network of air and ground services across North America, providing pickup and delivery; scheduled flights; and consistent transit times for thousands of cities in the US, Canada and Mexico. We also offer extensive international freight forwarding services.


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As a total supply chain management provider, e-BI has access to one of the industry’s most extensive customs brokerage operations. Our network includes 50 North American offices, a team of licensed customs brokers and contract customs brokers in all Chinese seaports.


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e-BI’s long-standing agreements with FedEx, UPS and DHL ensure that we can always offer the best price and various choices to our customers.


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With a network of warehouses across the US, e-BI can deliver anywhere in the states within 48 hours. We offer additional inventory services and can work with the customer’s existing warehousing services to make the transition to an e-BI supply chain seamless.