Molds and Injection Molding

We provide high capacity, fast turnaround production of Injection molded plastic parts and custom designed molds from our state-of-the-art injection molding facility, including:

• Care & Craftsmanship in Mold Building
• We construct intricate and efficient molds quickly, whether simple single-cavity molds or complex multi-cavity molds.
• Molds are constructed with high-quality mold bases and selected tool steels

Molds engineered provide:

• Maximum process windows
• Ease of repair Long life
• Fully qualified, skilled toolmakers
• Modern production techniques
• Computerized CNC System (CAD/CAM)
• New molds operate with dollar-saving speed and accuracy

E-BI develops a close working relationship with each customer. We pride ourselves in our ability to solve your design-to-production challenges and deliver a high-quality mold engineered your exact specifications. To ensure you receive a superior mold at a competitive price, we provide:

• Reliable quotes
• Solid designs
• Periodic tool progress reports
• Timely parts approval submissions

Mold-making capabilities include:

• High speed
• CNC Milling
• CNC EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) - produce complex molds with intricate detail; minimum time frame; reduced cost

Our integrated engineering process includes a team concept, designed tanalyze your mold needs and performance requirements. And our engineers employ advanced quality planning techniques and practices.