Whatever your manufacturing outsourcing needs, we are here to help.

Manufacturing Outsourcinge-BI helps a customer design and operate a global supply chain at the Stage IV level - cross enterprise operation. It is a fast changing and dynamic process involves 14 key dimensions. The operation result, or risk control, is a multiply product of all 14 dimensions with different time, space and business environment.

Since 1999, e-BI has helped dozens of clients save time and lower production costs whether it was in QA testing or designing and taking an entire product line to market.

e-BI specializes in effective outsourcing of manufacturing components for US companies of all sizes. By establishing a reliable supply chain management overseas, e-BI offers customers the fastest, lowest cost and best quality products. We assist companies in reaching across cultural and geographical distances to dramatically reduce manufacturing costs, while maintaining product quality and on-time delivery.

Our Consulting Capabilities

Product Design & Process

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• Market Research
• Conceptual, Functional & Industrial Design
• Computer Simulation & Product Modeling
• Rapid Prototyping
• Market Testing & Reworking
• Compliance Support for UL, FCC, CE, FDA

Prototyping & Tooling

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• Rapid Prototyping & Redesign
• Mold & Tool Design/Analysis
• Mold Design & Manufacturing, T1, T2, T3...
• PCBA Hardware & Firmware Development
• Manufacturing & Sourcing Options
• Manufacturing Process Requirement Studies
• Design/Manufacturing Cost Improvement
• Cost Comparison Studies
• Bill of Material Analysis & Sourcing
• Bill of Material Lead Time Control.

First Article & Pre-Production Run

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• Product Build & Testing
• Manufacturing Process Design & Set-Up
• QA Process & Specifications Developments
• Product Packaging Testing
• Defect Rate Control & Improvement

Manufacturing Process Design & Quality Assurance

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• Tooling & Gauges Design
• Risk Analysis on Process Defects
• Yield Management
• Quality Inspection
• Process Cost Reduction
• Constant Improvement of Process

Project Process Control

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• Time-Line Management
• Information Flow Management
• Supplier/Contract Management
• Project Risk Management
• Implementation of GSCM Applications
• Documentation Control
• Budget & Cost Control
• Project Coordination

Product Cost Control

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• BOM Cost Analysis, Quote & Optimization
• Manufacturing Process Mapping
• Tooling, Amortization & Volume Planning
• Volume & Release Modeling
• Management Cost Reduction

Supply Chain Design & Optimization

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• Supply Chain Design & Optimization
• Production Analysis
• Supplier Sourcing, Qualification, Quote & Negotiation
• Risk Management & Second Sourcing
• Tier 1 & 2 Suppliers Cost Optimization
• Logistics, Warehousing & Releases

Real Time Information Access through IT Innovation

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• Leading Global Supply Chain Management
• Online Access to Information 24/7
• ISO9001 Certified Process Management